Student Chapter

The Robotics Society (TRS), India empowers technical institutions in India to start authorized TRS Student Chapters and to organize and mentor activities related to Robotic Science in the respective institutes. This student chapter shall care for mentoring the interested students via student’s networking and also for promoting knowledge sharing activities in the area of Robotics. The following guidelines to be followed for formation of student chapters and organizing events.

Download: Student Chapter Application Form (.docx / .pdf)

Download: Student Chapter Terms (.pdf)

Chapter Formation

  • Approval of the TRS Governing Council must be obtained for formation of student chapter.
  • Minimum 20 student members and 02 faculty members who have an active membership of TRS, India can form local chapter at the institute. Faculty advisor should make a formal request to the Secretary TRS for formation of the chapter, giving the details of members.
  • Chapter’s working committee should have Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and the chapter Counselor (i.e. Faculty Advisor).
  • For all monetary and non-monetary activities, planned on campus or off-campus, approval of Governing Council of TRS, India is a must in all cases/situations. For this purpose faculty advisor can write to student activity coordinator of TRS, with a copy to Secretary TRS.
  • Student activity coordinator of TRS in consultation with Secretary TRS can grant permission for such events. TRS will not provide any financial support for the events.
  • Money collection, providing money receipts, expenditures for various procurement shall be as per accounting practices and protocols of the parent Institute.
  • Annual audited statement of money collected during the events and expenditure incurred should be provided to student activity coordinator of TRS with copy to secretary and treasurer of TRS.
  • If student chapter organizes some workshop/training session with any organization outside the chapter, prior approval from Secretary and student activity coordinator TRS is required in that case. In any case, activities of purely commercial nature should not be taken up.
  • A report on the event shall be forwarded to Newsletter coordinator within 6 working days after the activity.
  • For any violation of the above rules, TRS has the right to revoke the registration of the chapter and take appropriate action against the members.

Benefits of Chapter

  • Membership of the chapter itself narrates to sincere interest of a member in the robotics activity.
  • Discount in charges of various robotics event at entry/participation as per the event declarations will be offered to the chapter members. It can be Seminar, Workshop, Conference, and Expert Lecture etc.
  • Members can get exposure to various activities and events and it can be mentioned in individual’s credentials to the chapter’s activities after approval of chapter counsellor/staff advisor.
  • Student Chapters can invite TRS members / office bearers for lectures, workshop and seminars. This will give exposure to student chapter members and will increase networking.

Note: Complete responsibility (finance, safety, legal, etc.) of the event organized by the chapter lies with chapter authorities and parent Institute. TRS office bearers will not be responsible for the activities of the student chapter.